2013 Quietly Kicks In But Big Bang Gets Its Highest Ever Rating – The Week In TV Ratings

Jamie Wotton writes for Bleeding Cool

Deception premiered on Monday. It’s NBC’s new one-word-soap-like-Revenge, and it didn’t do too badly, hitting a 2.0. Without a strong lead-in from The Voice, that’s not too shabby. Castle strutted back to the air with a 1.9.

On Tuesday, NBC continued to be one of the more fascinating networks to talk about – with Betty White’s Off Their Rockers scoring a 1.5, a number which is apparently low for the series. Seriously, who knew that even while NBC have shows nobody watches, they still have shows people watch?

Losing The Voice as a lead-in meant damage for Go On and The New Normal as the night carried on, however. Goon and The New Normal managed series lows at 1.5 and 1.3, respectively.

Recently, FOX head Kevin Reilly was speaking about his past Fall, and FOX’s literal fall from rating greatness, with the failure of The X-Factor among other things. One of his bigger disappointments this year was his bloc of Tuesday comedies. He said he didn’t protect New Girl enough, and although he loves and believes in the shows, they just aren’t doing the necessary highs.

A smart, realistic guy, and sadly, those hard truths continue to apply into this year as New Girl, Ben And Kate and the rest return. Raising Hope started off the night with a 1.7, then Ben And Kate with a 1.3, New Girl at 9PM hit a 2.0 and we ended with a low 1.5 for The Mindy Project. I’m fairly sure only New Girl and Raising Hope will make it through the year.

Wednesday was fairly standard all around, with Modern Family leading the night on a 4.7. Family‘s lead-out, Suburgatory, amusingly did better than the People’s Choice Awards over on CBS. It’s funny how bored people are of award ceremonies now – they used to be the definition of water-cooler talk, now with how audiences have splintered, people just don’t watch.

And just wait, the Oscars will come up with its highest ever numbers now…

I’ve not watched the show, but on Thursday, it’s remarkable how Shonda Rhimes‘s almost-cancelled political soap Scandal has blossomed into a genuine hit. It returned to a series high of 2.8. That really does show how patience can pay off.

Scandal wasn’t the only show to have record numbers though – a little multi-cam called The Big Bang Theory met its highest ever rating at 6.3 and 19 million viewers.

NBC’s new political comedy 1600 Penn has seemingly premiered a bunch of times, but now in its regular rotation, it scored a 1.6. Not awful, but it’s not the blockbuster Thursday comedy they have been after, either.

On Friday, Fringe‘s penultimate ever episode scored a 0.8. End times are freaking nigh, guys.

I’ll see you all next week, with more numbers, speculation and excitement. If there’s something more fun than TV ratings, I don’t want to know it.


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