A Very Close Look At The Oblivion Trailer – Clues, References And Nods

Aren’t there an awful lot of shots in which Cruise is essentially surrounded by darkness? Indeed – there’s a lot of black screen in this trailer, full stop.

So what’s going on with the jacket being so dark here?

The shot basically echoes the ones of Harper looking down at Rusakova in her “stasis unit” but he’s dressed like the embrace shot we saw before. The trailer would seem to be cutting back and forth between scenes – and the cut on the nose seems to suggest the “darker jacket” scenes come later.

Part of the spaceship blows up. They should have built the whole thing out of Indiana Jones’ fridge material.

At this point, she uses his name and he doesn’t know how she knows it. Has Jack Harper had his memory wiped? Does Oblivion come with that second meaning?

This is rather reminiscent of the beginning of Aliens. I’ve popped an image from just one shot of Ripley being scanned in her stasis pod below.

One of the little numbered drones is opening fire here. It’s not clear what on, but I’ve pulled a frame in which you can see it shooting.

Cruise tells it to stand down, and so it engages him…

…well, we say it. It’s not Riseborough controlling these things, is it?

To me it looks like she’s pressing where it says “Feed.” I have no idea why she’d do that.

So it seems that Riseborough, or at least the drones, wants to do some real damage to the survivors of this crash…

…and having set up those seeds of antagonism, here we see them going eye-to-eye through glass. Best guess is that he’s mad at her for what she’s just done, and she’s locked him out.

I call this shot “What if the Tusken Raiders wore Darth Vader helmets?’ and I appreciate how even the sound effect is Star Wars-y.

See the concept art, below this frame, for a clear idea of just how Tusken these guys are supposed to be.

Look carefully and you’ll see Kurylenko – at least it looks like her – running up behind Cruise.

Number 267. Do these numbers go all the way up into the thousands, do you think, around the world? Is it just that America got the low numbers in the way they got 001 as an international dialling code?

Kurylenko, with her hair down, and what looks like “a rag tag rattlebag of rebels,” apparently in the way of some laser-targeted weaponry.

This seems to be pretending to be the reverse angle, but I don’t think it is. The lighting is wrong and there’s not the right amount of laser beams.

Or maybe I’m wrong and all those insurgent-looking types are hiding out near the Superbowl stadium from the start of the trailer. If they are… why? What’s going on?

This item is powerful, I assume, as it has some red to it, like the batteries from the early sequence of the film.

Is Morgan Freeman one of the Tusken Raider types? He certainly shares their taste in wardrobe.

This is good angle to highlight the dynamism, and illogic, of the back-flip launch.

Somebody seems to be blowing up the offices of Cruise and Riseborough.

Something got smushed because there’s ash in the wind. What’s this in the extreme foreground that Cruise is looking at?

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