Crossed Gets Die-Cut For C-Day On March 13th 2013

In March, it’s one year since the first C-Day, to promote the Crossed series from Avatar.

So we’re getting another one. The Crossed C-Day 2013 retailer promo kit consists of;

25 each of Crossed temporary tattoos, buttons, postcards, stickers and 15 new Crossed masks! Retailers will also get a special Crossed 2013 Annual Retailer Bonus Edition comic (SRP $19.99) available only in these kits to sell in your store or give away as a prize. The kits are sold at cost and retailers may order as many kits as you like to help satisfy your customer base.

But what’s all the fuss about this year? Well for issue 25, Garth Ennis returns to the series he created, with Raulo Caceres on art.

Retail Price: $3.99 US
Writer: Garth Ennis
Cover and Art: Raulo Caceres
MR, Color, 32 pages, bi-weekly
***In stores March 13, 2013***

Crossed C-Day 2013 is here! Crossed creator Garth Ennis returns to his stark vision of horror for a four part tale that pits a group of war hardened soldiers on a quest to wipe out the Crossed and reclaim Britain. In “The Fatal Englishman,” these warriors stop running and take the fight to the enemy! There is no hope. There is no cure. There is only the Crossed.

The return of GARTH ENNIS writing Crossed!
New story arc that is a perfect starting place for new readers
This issue kicks off C-Day 2013 parties across the world!
A new four issue arc setting up the future of Crossed and promises a glimpse at the beginning!

And clearly Avatar have been paying attention to how other people use variant covers to promote their comics. As well as the usual Regular, Wraparound, and Torture covers by Raulo Caceres…

But then there’s Jacen Burrows covers, including the Death Of The Family-alike Die Cut, Foxy, Burn Baby Burn, Chopper, and Lip Slip covers.

Then there are the leather cover copy limited to 1500 copies, the Red Crossed and Retailer Bonus incentives for retailers..


And a Deluxe Collector Set available with all the covers in and lots more, limited to a tiny 250 copies. Look.

All 8 Crossed #25 covers, the Leather cover and the 2 Retailer Incentive covers
A Special Crossed #25 VIP edition – that you can only get in this set!
A unique fully-painted original art cover by Ken Meyer on a copy of the Badlands #1 Sketch Edition – that you can only get in this set!
A complete set of all 6 rare promo cards from the Crossed Series 1 Trading Card set
A Crossed sketch card signed by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows – that you can only get in this set!
Limited to a tiny 250 copies.

Stack it next to your My Little Pony #1 box set for company. Then two weeks later, after you’ve recovered, there’s Crossed: Badlands #26.

Retail Price: $3.99 US
Writer: Garth Ennis
Cover and Art: Raulo Caceres
MR, Color, 32 pages, bi-weekly
***In stores March 27, 2013***

Garth Ennis’ return to Crossed continues with the second brutal issue of “The Fatal Englishman.” What drives men in an insane world? Facing pure and utter hatred, these soldiers are learning the hard lesson that there is no hope…

With just the regular, Regular, Wraparound cover, Torture and Red Crossed Incentive covers.

What else? Crossed Skull T-shirts and volume 5 of the Crossed collections,,,



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