People Are Watching TV Again After Thanksgiving, How Did Revolution End Its Midseason? - The Week In TV Ratings

Jamie Wotton writes for Bleeding Cool.

America’s broadcasters have enjoyed mostly strong week all round as people across the States have stopped giving thanks and returned to their couches.

The big question on Monday came from Revolution. The mid-season finale of the genre series garnered a 2.9 in our key ‘young’ demo. An all right number, no question but the show is now disappearing for a long, four-month period. People have been debating how to handle serialized drama for a long time – gaps too big mean a large audience drop-off, but you still need to spread your shows out.

FOX used to air 24 in long-chunks, from the Winter to the Summer. It eliminated a Fall premiere from the equation entirely, and it worked, for the most part. ABC eventually did this with the latter seasons of Lost, too. The difference between all of those cases and Revolution, however, is that by the time of the season finale and they were disappearing for a few months, they had already engendered lot of love from the audience.

NBC are banking that the second-cycle of The Voice that starts in Spring, alongside Revolution, will be up to par and the audience will return. It’s a logical idea; to keep your best gems together, but will it work? I don’t know. I hope so. From various interviews, the second half of Revolution year one sounds much better!

What else happened that night? Gossip Girl scored a 0.4, 90210 hit a 0.5, Bones went up to a 2.3 and How I Met Your Mother got 3.4.

It’s hard not to write about NBC this year – for the last few years, it’s been all about their despair, but now it’s about their hits. So how is their Tuesday comedy line-up doing? Not bad at all. Go On rallied up a 2.5, giving way for not a bad 1.7 for The New Normal.

FOX had a ‘less dismal’ Tuesday night too with Raising Hope up to a 1.7, Ben And Kate a 1.4 (sidebar: I wish, wish, wish more people watched this show – it’s so delightful and funny), New Girl earned a 2.3, notching The Mindy Project up to a 1.5.

On Wednesday, ABC kicked off their evening with a showing of A Charlie Brown Christmas, scoring a 2.9; followed up by the bonafide hit Modern Family with a 4.7. This led into Suburgatory with a lesser, but not bad at all, 2.6. I’m really curious what ABC will do next season. Happy Endings, Don’t Trust The B—-, Suburgatory - they have all done the same good business after Family. But they also all seem, to me, too quirky for a real chance to make a powerhouse comedy hour too.

I’m very impressed at how The Vampire Diaries is holding up this year. It’s a sign of the state of the Thursday night, but The CW could be in worse shape than having a show in its fourth season regularly doing a 1.5, beating both Last Resort (1.0) and 30 Rock (1.3) in the hour. And it has normally fallen more than this during the course of the season.

For fans of the little-watched-but-highly-acclaimed Nikita, the new 8pm timeslot did the show justice, gaining a season high 0.4 on Friday.

Sunday, more or less, has stabilized. Once Upon A Time is the exact same 3.1 hit it was last year. It’s not setting anything on fire, but there’s no chance of it dying either. Revenge is doing well enough with its middling 2.4 for it to stick around for another year too, assuming it stays around there.

I’ll see you all next week, with more numbers, speculation and excitement. If there’s something more fun than TV ratings, I don’t want to know it!


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