Arrow Shoots Up, Revolution Falls, Someone Gets Elected - The Week In TV Ratings

Jamie Wotton writes for Bleeding Cool

We start with Monday, and the returning CBS comedies. How I Met Your Mother (1.8) seems to have finally levelled for the Fall season after lots of highs and lows, both audience-wise and quality-wise. Sophomore 2 Broke Girls scored a 3.3, topping everything else in the lineup, with their witty jokes about penises and such.

Things will be interesting with Revolution (2.8) going forward, and the upcoming midseason finale better end with a hell of a cliffhanger because it’s leading the show into the wilderness for four whole months, from December to March, while The Voice returns for its second cycle of the season.

Shows normally take breaks during the Summer, but that’s often after a good twenty-weeks of charming an audience. I hope Revolution stays afloat does, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a significant drop-off, the show losing a lot of momentum.

Tuesday was election night, with all the nets doing different coverage. I’m unaware of the major differences, but it’s notable that NBC came out on top with a 4.3 rating. ABC came in second with a 3.4.

Shooting up three tenths, Arrow locked in an awesome 1.3. I’ve said it before, but I’m super happy the show has found an audience. I don’t think the show has found itself yet, but it definitely has found an audience.

ABC’s comedy line-up was also very strong, with Suburgatory going up to 2.9, Modern Family to 4.8 and The Middle to 2.7. Hard not to be happy when a generally high-quality and all-round positive block does well for itself.

With the election moving the NBC schedule around, the Tuesday night show of The Voice (3.8) aired on a Wednesday – giving NBC the best 18-49 non-sports programming since Christmas Eve 2008.

Thursday is still a bit of a mess, for everyone. You have two classically well-performing shows – The Big Bang Theory (5.1) and The Vampire Diaries (1.5) – against, well, nothing else. A few years ago, Glee would be an important show of the night, but now it barely gets a 2.4. Last Resort pulled in 1.4 and Parks and Recreation 1.7. It’s all fine. It’s enough to survive with, but there’s just no big guns out on a Thursday anymore. It’s… boring.

It was announced last week that Beauty And Beast will be around for the full season, and it got a 0.7 this week. If you think this means a second season, just look at The Secret Circle.

It seems slightly odd that they didn’t throw Cult (premiering Fridays, mid-season) a bone, but what can you do? This is their schedule, and for some reason, they are sticking to it all year.

On Friday, Fringe (0.9) and Nikita (0.3) were just about holding on, while Grimm (1.7) owned the drama-portion of the evening. The second week for ABC’s Last Man Standing and Malibu Country fell from the premiere, but both held on enough with a 1.6 that they could theoretically hang around.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, there was a significant drop for Once Upon A Time’s latest episode, garnering the network no more than a 2.7. Revenge came in just a bit behind at 2.4 and then, in the 10PM hour, 666 Park Avenue got a dead-show-walking 1.3.

I’ll be here next week talking about TV ratings or something. Wheeeeee!


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