The Painterly Look Of Pixar's New Brave Spin-Off, The Legend Of Mor'Du

In spinning off Brave for a new short on the film’s DVD and Blu-ray release, Pixar opted to eschew the look of the feature and go for something else entirely. According to the film’s director, Brian Larsen, the look is inspired by concept art, particularly that of Disney Legend Mary Blair.

Here are two images from the film, complete with EW watermarks.

It perhaps spoils a key point of Brave to explain what’s going on in
those images, so I won’t.

Larsen, though, was happy to reveal that this story doesn’t have a happy ending:

If you are selfish and not working in the right direction for the greater good you can destroy a huge part of your family – and yourself. A lot of tales and legends, like Grimm’s fairy tales, were like that. If you do some things, there’s a bad outcome, and not always a happy ending.

What isn’t clear to me is if the film has been animated in 2D or if we’re looking at something like Paperman-style mapping of 2D over 3D models here. Looking closely at the images, I could read certain details here and there as indicators of either approach.

Copies of the Brave Blu-ray set are out there already, ahead of its official release on November 13th in the US, November 26th in the UK, so I’m hoping a good review will reveal more soon. Maybe I’ll even be able to get my own grubby paws on a copy…


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