Hawkeye Clearly The Star Of The Marvel TV Panel And I'll Fight Anyone Who Says He Isn't

Dapper Dan Hart writes for Bleeding Cool from NYCC;

Right from the get go, there were suited security guards with earpieces and nightvision goggles keeping an eye out for rogue video cameras. Very intense. It did feel a little like SHIELD keeping tabs on us.

Jeph Loeb chaired the panel with Arune Singh. He was joined by one very special guest…

We were presented an Agent Coulson Highlight reel that left surprise guest Clark Gregg rather speechless. Chants of “Coulson! Coulson!” rang around the hall.

Gregg then teased with “Have you ever heard of a Life Model Decoy? Or of a guy called the Vision?” and kept telling Jeph to give the fans what they wanted – Agent Coulson, alive.

We then cut to footage of Joss Whedon wondering what all the noise was about. Joss stated that, to keep artistic integrity, Coulson would be staying dead. In a hell of a swerve, Kevin Feige then appeared in a Coulson Lives hooded sweatshirt next to Whedon.

And then the bombshell dropped.

Stop the presses; Clark Gregg will be headlining the SHIELD TV show as Agent. Phil. Coulson.

Yes that’s right: Agent Coulson Lives!

I think the room had a mass, simultaneous geek-out. The best supporting character from any superhero film is getting to headline a TV series. How much awesome?

The remainder of the panel was given to short sizzle reels from forthcoming animations.

Preview footage of Hulk: Agents of SMASH looked good. Nice amount of humour and full-on action, Red Hulk might be the star of this show… Seth Green, Eliza Dushku, Clancy Brown and Fred Tatasciore as A-Bomb, She-Hulk, Red Hulk and Hulk. A hell of a lineup of voice talent.

Avengers Assemble promised to combine the best elements of the Avengers film and the much missed Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon. Voice actors include Heroes alum Adrian Pasdar as Iron Man. Nice.

The preview footage featured the movie Avengers, minus Black Widow, fighting a giant creature in Manhattan. It looked like a wingless version of Fin Fang Foom

The Marvel Knights imprint will produce motion comics of classic stories from across Marvel’s history. Similar in execution to the Astonishing X-Men we saw a few years back, we can look forward to seeing: Eternals, Inhumans, Wolverine Origin & Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk.

The final clip was for the anime Iron Man: Rise Of The Technovore and looked very good. Hawkeye, Black Widow, War Machine and Punisher(!) all guest star. It looked pretty slick, lots of frenetic action, sweeping vistas and of course, since Hawkeye is in it, it’ll be awesome. Personal bias? Moi?

You can see the Technovore trailer on a previous post.

All in all, it certainly seems like Marvel Anime is going strong.

Obviously, Clark Gregg’s appearance and the Agent Coulson reveal stole the show, but things are looking bright for Marvel TV overall. The cartoons are looking increasingly polished and seem to strike a nice balance between the comic origins and any big screen portrayals.

Well played, Marvel.


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