NYCC: DC Announces Jim Lee And Scott Snyder’s Man Of Steel For The 75th Anniversary Of Superman

Live from the DC New 52 Superman panel… sat next to someone from Comic Book Resources who seems to have all the news on her laptop ready to run. So that’s how it’s done…

There we go. Half way through the panel, Jim Lee and Scott Snyder joined the crew on the stage to announce a certain new Superman book. I wonder where you might have heard that before?

Jim Lee talked about the origins of the project as a convention discussion on new ways to tell comic book stories…

And no, they didn’t actually call it Man Of Steel. But it is, isn’t it?

(UPDATE: CBR get in touch to explain that they didn’t have all the information in advance – just the Lee/Snyder news and the guests present.  And that all the publishers send out images an hour in advance of the panel. Apologies if anyone thought there was anything other than observation, that was not my intent.)

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