Saturday Runaround: The Fight Between Krypton And Ohio


DressWatch: When a three month old girl is dressed up as every Green Lantern…

DayWatch: DC’s Father’s Day 99c sale on ComiXology includes the storylines in which Aquababy is murdered, and Brainiac kills Pa Kent.

AdamsWatch: Neal Adams at Mile High Comics, the evening befor the Denver Comic Con.

SignWatch: JK Woodward is to sign the new Doctor Who/Star Trek comic at
Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham, Maryland today.

KirbyWatch: Tom Spurgeon reports that donations made as part of an ethics-offsetting drive for people who wanted to see the Avengers movie but also honour Jack Kirby’s memory and struggle petered out at around $5000...

ConWatch: Lessons learned from putting on a small comic book convention

PixarWatch: Could we get a Marvel/Pixar film some fay? According to the Collider interview with John Lassater below, it could well be possible.

Me, I think you might be more likely to first see a Marvel toy appear in the next Toy Story installment. Might be a good way of testing the waters…

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They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Superman license plate coming, but ‘Ohio-Birthplace of Superman’ slogan won’t fly |

State Rep. Bill Patmon, who introduced the license plate bill in the house, said they would change the words “Birthplace” since DC and Warner Communications objected to it. They stressed the Man of Steel was born on the planet Kyrpton.

Templesmith draws on breasts to fight cancer Tokyo Love Show

This exhibition is the largest collection to date of Keep A Breast Foundation Breast Casts™. These casts represent a unique, ongoing cancer awareness campaign that combines sculpture, charity, and personal expression to communicate feelings about breast cancer and the female form. Each piece is the result of a partnership between castee and artist, and each is a celebration of women and awareness.

CBLDF » Neil Gaiman Thanks CBLDF Supporters With New Auctions, Member Rewards!

Neil Gaiman is showing his support for the CBLDF this week with the contribution of several items from his personal collection to raise money for our important education work!

MTV Geek – Is ‘ThunderCats’ Canceled? Can You Save Third Earth?

Where did it go wrong for the ThunderCats reboot? Some strong plotting along with slick new designs and animation seemed to be the formula for a successful return of the nearly 30-year-old franchise, but it looks like tonight’s season finale episode, the second part of “What Lies Above,” will be the series’ finale.

Stan Lee Settles Legal Fight Over Control of His Company (Exclusive) – Hollywood Reporter

Stan Lee has reached a deal in principle to resolve litigation that challenged his control over POW! Entertainment, the home to Lee’s creations since 2001 which currently has a first-look deal with Disney. The settlement puts an end to a multi-million dollar dispute with former shareholders that helped POW! become a public company.


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