Lying In The Gutters – 21st May 2012

With the No Place Like Home crew at Kapow.

That was a fun weekend! And now I am sick. Clearly Mark Millar planted a virus to infect me. There can be no other explanation. Thanks to all those who came up to say hi, how much you loved the site and especially those who wanted photos. And then bought me drinks. It’s a really easy way to get on my good side! So what have you been reading this week?

Ooh look, we’re in the TV Guide.

Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Week

1. DC Comics To Switch The Sexual Orientation Of An Established Character

2. Avengers XXX: A Porn Parody Gets A Cover

3. The New Green Lantern Of Free Comic Book Day Was Originally Hal Jordan

4. If You Saw A Near Naked Woman Driving The Batmobile, Would You Pull Her Over?

5. DC Stops Subscriptions For Aquaman, JL Dark, JLI And Swamp Thing

6. Travis Charest, Frank Cho Ink Jim Lee At Big Wow

7. Greg Capullo Turned Down Avengers Vs X-Men

8. Avengers Getting Extended Scenes, Intriguing New Ending

9. Angie Harmon Wants To Be She Hulk, Dan Slott Offers Assistance

10. Captain America – Stripped To The Chest In AVX Or Not

11. Agent Coulson, The Avengers And The Future

12. When Cosplay Goes Wrong

13. WARNING: Prometheus Poster From Malaysia Is Obscenely Spoilery

14. New Avengers Vs X-Men Art… And The Return Of Professor X

15. The 17 Remaining DCU Subscription Titles

16. President Obama On The Avengers

17. Put Some Clothes On Spider-Woman

18. David Graves – The Big Bad Of The New DCU

19. An Ending Of Things At DC Comics

20. The Recolouring Of The X-Force Omnibus

And Ten You May Prefer

1. Where The Hell Did Wolverine Find That Polar Bear?

2. Steven Moffat Has A Thing Or Two To Say About Elementary

3. Warren Ellis, Gun Machine, Archduke Franz Ferdinand And Joss Whedon

4. New Collection Of Pixar Shorts Coming To DVD And Blu-Ray

5. Fined $780 And Put On Sex Offenders Register For Owning Comics

6. “Are You A Draft Dodger?” And Worse – The Battleship Junket Interview That Got Very Awkward

7. Dan DiDio Parodies Panel Parity At Kapow

8. James Bond Creator Ian Fleming’s Life To Become “Period Action Film” From Duncan Jones

9. Before Watchmen

10. Guillermo Del Toro Has Daniel Radcliffe, Christopher Walken And Tom Waits In The Frame For Pinocchio

Thanks to Adi Tantimedh, Cameron Hatheway, Grace Randolph, Ryan King, Tim Hanley, Dr Manolis Vamvounis and Larry Young.


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