Free Comic Book Day Runaround – What Will You Get Today?

I’ll be going to Orbital Comics, Forbidden Planet and Gosh Comics for their kids workshop with my eldest daughter Eve and some of her school friends for Free Comic Book Day… but where will you be going?

PressWatch: Hundreds of newspapers dive in to give more and more and more and more coverage to Free Comic Book Day including  Time Magazine, USA Today, LA Times, Bloomberg, and the Washington Post

ComicWatch: BSI Comics of Metairie, Louisiana, is running their own mini-convention today celebrating locl comic book creators.

ComedyWatch: DC Comics may not have actually announced, or even admitted to publishing their line as “zero” issues in September, but that didn’t stop The Comic Book Club with Steve Wacker and Bill Hader talking about it as a fact. Which it is. As all Bleeding Cool readers know.

And yes, Batman #0 should be the Owls hanging out in the kitchen, cooking eggs and saying to each other “I dunno, maybe we should start some shit” as Bill Hader suggests. I’m sure that’s in Scott Snyder’s script.

This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Avengers’ Iron Man app a huge hit for Vancouver company

A small Vancouver company is behind an interactive comic book app related to super-hero movie The Avengers that has already topped one million downloads and is on track to hit two million in the first week of its release.

Todd’s Blog » Blog Archive » Ira Schnapp and the early DC logos, new information

I said the perfect match in styles reinforced the idea that Schnapp had designed that SUPERMAN logo back in 1940, for which I had no real evidence. In response I got a message from comics writer and Batman movie producer Michael Uslan, who visited the DC offices several times as a child, and worked there as an intern a few years later. Michael wrote me about his memories of talking to Ira Schnapp


From New York Times bestselling writer Geoff Johns and legendary artist Jim Lee, JUSTICE LEAGUE launched DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 by introducing the dawn of the age of superheroes and the shared universe that they inhabit. But JUSTICE LEAGUE VOLUME ONE – ORIGIN contains than more just the story of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes’ first meeting. Exclusive back-up material by Lee and other artists illustrate the design process for the iconic characters – and we’re featuring those designs all this week right here on THE SOURCE.

Flight Plan: Or, What’s This About Pre-Ordering? « Kelly Sue DeConnick

So now we know why.  Let’s talk how.  For the purpose of this instruction set, I’m going to assume you’re brand new to this whole process. In fact, I’m kind of writing this for my mom and her friends.  (Hi, mom.  Hi, mom’s friends.)  I’m also going to assume that you want to pre-order my book.  This process is the same across the board, but, hey, this is my site, I’ve got two kids and let’s not fool anyone here, this activism is borne entirely from a desire to keep Captain Marvel (and Ghost and whatever else I’m writing) coming out every month.

Leinil Yu Comics

Marvel pop up preview.

Marvel Appeals To SJWs With Yet Another Feminist Agenda Cover

Is Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange Team Iron Man Or Team Cap?

Previews Of All 32 Free Halloween Comic Fest Titles Available This Saturday

IVX, Reborn, Paper Girls, Thanos, Harbinger And He-Man Top Advance Reorders


Do Funko X-Men Figures Signal The End Of The CompleX?


The Vision #12 Ended Just Like Watchmen, As Well

Cloverfield Franchise Is Getting A Shared Universe With God Particle Third In The Series

Mockingbird #8 Is Controversial. But Not For Any Of The Reasons It Is Causing Controversy.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller Leaves Star Trek: Discovery Weeks Before It Will Go Into Production

Mike Oeming Draws To “Into The Cave”, Gerard Way’s Cave Carson Promotional Cassette (VIDEO)