Andy Lau Said To Be Lining Up Role In Iron Man 3, Bringing His Iron Army With Him

As soon as it was announced that Iron Man 3 would be co-produced by a Chinese company, as well as partially filmed in the country, I started speculating as to which Chinese stars would be making an appearance.

First to get linked to the film is Andy Lau, star of Infernal Affairs, House of Flying Daggers and Detective Dee. I’m sure he’s far from the last.

Neon Punch (via Twitch) say that he’s in negotiations to play “an old friend of Tony Stark” who enlists China’s own armored heroes – I didn’t even know they had any – to help fight The Mandarin.

It seems a little awkward that the notoriously censorious Chinese film industry would support a film that features a villain called The Mandarin, but who knows: maybe he won’t even be Chinese in this new film.

Or perhaps Andy Lau and the iron army do more than enough to redress the balance? Neon Punch are reputable enough, and I think they’re at least working with a kernel of truth here, however the fine points shake out.

How long now, do you think, until a Chinese movie star heads up a Hollywood movie, all by themselves? It’s starting to look more and more likely that somebody will take that gamble soon.

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