Monday Runaround – Twenty Cents A Digital Comic

GoldWatch: Fringe‘s Andrew Kreisberg has handed in his pilot script for Booster Gold to Syfy.

KoreaWatch: What are the Top 100 most popular comic books in Korea? The Korea Manhwa Contents Agency has compiled a list. The top three are (spoilers) The High School Baseball Team by Lee Hyun-se, Le Grand Chef by Huh Young-man and romantic graphic novel “Goong, The Royal Palace,” by Park So-hee.

TenThousandWatch: One Indian digital comic producer claims to sell up to ten thousand motion comics, in Hini and English, every day.

Somil Gupta, co-founder of Planet 41 Mobiventures said that they were hitting notes of new-age consumers who prefer digital content over print editions.

The price difference too helps. The print editions of these comics range from Rs 50-100 ($1-$2), whereas the digital versions are sold at Rs 10 per book (20 cents).

The company has two versions of comics on mobile. The non-animated version is simpler where  they expand the text bubble of the comic to make it easier to read. In the animated version, it takes away the text bubble, and re-draw the vacuum that it creates. It also lip movements and hand movements to these comics, and use voice artists to spell the dialogue. The company also adds sound effects like lighting, explosion effects.


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NV – FCBD: Heroes for Jordan Sketch-a-thon | Convention Scene

John Romita Jr. appears at the Hard Rock Cafe on Las Vegas Blvd on May 4th and 5th to try and break his world record for consecutive sketching and raise money for the Heroes For Jordan Foundation. If you ever wanted to get a sketch from JRJR that will be your weekend. A limited edition Kick-Ass II #7 blank cover was made for the event.

The Self-Absorbing Man: Wacky Reference Wednesday, No. 171

Marvel’s July solicitations have hit the web, revealing my “barbed” cover for Daredevil #15. I already posted the related reference on Twitter, but without the accompanying art.

Walking Dead Panel Teases Third Season

This Friday, a number of the show’s stars and producers gathered for a panel at North Hollywood’s TV Academy. In addition to reminiscing about the second season, the assembled panel (consisting of Glen Mazzara, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero, Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Steve Yunn, Lauren Cohan and Scott Wilson) also teased plans for the much-anticipated third season.


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Preview Of The Civil War Illustrated Prose Novel By Stuart Moore And Steve McNiven

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Mark Waid And Chris Samnee Reuniting On A New Marvel Comic? Could It Be Black Widow?