Dark Shadows Close-Up: What We Can Tell From The First Few Seconds Of Footage?

Just a few seconds of footage from Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows have made their way to the web. In the spirit of slightly scary obsessiveness (that’s the spirit I’m going to leave behind to haunt you all when I’m dead and gone) let’s take a look at each of the different shots in the clip and mull over what we can and can’t see.

You may consider some of the following to be extremely light spoilers, but I’m sure the trailer will explain all of these points anyhow.

This first shot would be the gates to Collinwood Manor, home to the Collins family. The gates appear to be opening autonomously, which I put down to… er… their being mechanical. Probably no magic here, unless you count what Catweazle would call Electrickery.

It seems we have a human Barnabas Collins, about to indulge in a kiss with… well, I think it’s Bella Heathcote in her “second role” as Josette DuPres. I place this scene in the mid-to-late 18th Century. And I believe it’s with this dalliance that Collins breaks the heart of Eva Green’s witch character, Angelique Bouchard, leading her to bury him alive.

And these would appear to be shots of his coffin chains being cut, in the film’s present day of the 1970s. It seems that Jackie Earle Haley’s character, Willy Loomis, is the one holding the bolt cutters. He’s about to get the surprise of his life…

Barnabas’ coffin. Looks pretty roomy, as they go, but I certainly wouldn’t want to spend 200 or so years in there.

And while I’m not sure, I think this is Bella Heathcote once again, this time possibly in the guise of Victoria Winters, the governess she plays in the “modern era” section of the film. And my best guess is that she’s in an asylum here.

Baranabas rises – intercut with the shots of the girl. Is there an intimation that she’s aware of his awakening or release?

She’s looking right at us. Like a mad woman.

Arms extending, eyes still shut. Also note the sunlight coming in from the window. He’s not your typical vampire, obviously.

Just, you know, pretty damn close.

Baranabas leaps off of a cliff or outcrop, apparently trying to catch up to, possibly save… who? Who is that stiff-necked person?

And here we have Collins and Brouchard engaged in what looks like a passionate tryst on the floor. This is the third costume we’ve seen for Brouchard, after a couple of promo shots, and they’ve all been overtly sexy. Just look at those boots.

Dirty wet Depp. Maybe he’s just done something very bad – he doesn’t seem very happy with his own hands. My guess is that this moment follows the dive, and he’s failed to save the stiff-necked one. He may even have accidentally caused their death (cf. Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy on the bridge).

So, that’s the best I can do with these 3 or 4 seconds. What did I miss?

Dark Shadows is due in May. I’m rather looking forward to it, in case you couldn’t guess.

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