Lying In The Gutters – 27th February 2012

The Image Comics Expo and London Super Comic Convention – two new shows on the same weekend half a world apart – it’s the sign that convention season is well and truly upon us. With Wondercon round the corner, expect a lot more weekend stories at your favourite websites. Bleeding Cool is upping our convention coverage this year, and we’re still looking for willing correspondents to help every convention… become a Bleeding Cool convention. And we may have some surprises along the way, too. I’ve just started writing the first draft for the Bleeding Cool Fan Awards 2012…

Top Twenty Traffic Posts

1. Chyna To Star In She Hulk XXX.

2. Brian Bendis To Take Over The X-Men Books

3. Bane Did Break His Back

4. Defending The Naked Dejah Thoris Against The Lawyers

5. When Letters Pages Go Anti-Gay

6. Look: It’s The Avengers Aliens, Again

7. Occupy Riverdale – It’s Happening

8. Steve Cook Recreates The Black Widow

9. Two Million Dollars Worth Of Comics Found In A Closet

10. Star Trek Set Pictures: Cumberbatch, Spock, Uhura

11. Is Max Modell’s Hector… That Hector?

12. Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen Of Today’s Comics

13. Ridley Scott On Guy Pearce’s Role In Prometheus

14. Mark Wahlberg Claims To Have Been Leaked Oscar Results,

15. The Artist, The Publisher And The Lack Of Payment

16. Grant Morrison, Darick Robertson, Mark Millar, Frank Quitely, Steve Niles, Howard Chaykin,Tony Harris, Scott Morse, Brian Wood, Ming Doyle, Nick Spencer, Riley Rossmo Announcements At Image Expo

17. Swipe File: Ultimate Spider-Man Vs Ultimate Spider-Man

18. Another Artist, The Same Publisher, Another Lack Of Payment

19. What If Male Superheroes Posed Like Wonder Woman On The Cover Of Justice League

20. The Look Of Joe Bennett’s Savage Hawkman

And Ten Others You Make Prefer

1. London Super Comic Convention: Day One

2. Great John Carter Twitter Buzz, Extended Clip And Sizzle Footage

3. Si Spurrier Makes A Stand For Panel Gender Parity. By Standing Down.

4. A Deleted Scene And Some Special Features From The Muppets On Blu-Ray

5. Saga Heading For A Sell Out

6. I Want You To Go And Watch Blood Car Tonight

7. A New $5 Coupon, Radio Ads And Real Changes

8. Full List Of Nominations For This Year’s Razzie Awards

9. The Return Of Phonogram

10. Neil Jordan’s Byzantium Both Looks And Sounds Great

With special thanks to Adi Tantimedh, Peter Svensson, Ryan King, Grace Randolph, Mat Nastos, Aaron of A Comic Shop, Steve of Third Eye, Cameron Hatheway and Tom Huxley.



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