Tuesday Runaround: After 1963

BissetteWatch: Steve Bissette’s 1963-spinoff Tales of the Uncanny™ – N-Man™ & Friends: A Naut Comics History Vol. 1. goes to press. Here’s a look at the character in Japanese form by Jolyon Yates.

PersepolisWatch: The airing of the cartoon version of Persepolis in Tunisia continues to make waves.

Some viewers refused to look at the poignancy of Persopolis and took exception to a scene depicting God, considered by some to be forbidden by Islam. Protests against Nessma TV erupted in Tunis, the film was deemed blasphemous. And as anger against Nessma brewed, protesters took aim against Nabil Karoui, its owner. His home was firebombed. Shortly afterward he was charged with libelling religion and broadcasting information that could “harm public order or good morals”. The trial of Karoui began in November but was quickly adjourned after angry confrontations within the courtroom. Following further altercations in January this year, the trial has again been postponed. It is now due to resume in April and if convicted Karoui faces up to three years in prison.

 CrossoverWatch: From Tomb Svalborg’s Formspring;

the should be a journey into mystery and new mutants crossover???

Funny you should mention that…

SeasonWatch: Marvel’s Fantastic Four Season One gets press, beat for beat, like Superman Earth One.

SignWatch: Ming Doyle (“Fantastic Four”), Janet Lee (“Return of the Dapper Men”) and Chrissie Zullo (“Fables: Cinderella”) will sign comic books from 11  to noon and 4 to 5, Feb. 18 at Acme Comics, Greensboro.


Newsarama.com : Exclusive: Mark Waid Ends IRREDEEMABLE, INCORRUPTIBLE

After three years of telling the critically acclaimed story of a superhero gone bad — and his former nemesis turned good — Waid is ending both series in May.

Charles Vess’ Book of Ballads original pages given to Library of Congress | The Forbidden Planet International Blog Log

Martha Kennedy of the Library’s Prints and Photographs Division commented that “(Vess’) style of contemporary drawings illustrating narrative comic art is only sparsely represented in the Library’s collections and will go a long way towards filling this particular gap in its holdings.” How lovely to see more comics work being preserved for the public in one of the great libraries of the world;

Sneak Peek: Ultimate Comics Ultimates #7 | Ultimate Marvel | Comic News | News | Marvel.com

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #7, from the creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic.

DC Comics’ ‘Batwoman’ series finds real life amid the supernatural – USATODAY.com

A self-proclaimed “wizard,” Maro is Williams and Blackman’s take on a classic, pulpy comic-book villain, an archetype that has a long history in Batman comics.

7 New Photos From John Carter Online | Superhero Hype

Seven new photos from John Carter has come online (via CineHeroes) and can be viewed below.

EXCLUSIVE: DC Reveals January Digital Rankings – Comic Book Resources

Rood: The only titles that do, interestingly, stronger as a percentage of physical sales in digital are publishing franchises with high awareness like “Action” and “Detective” or character franchises with high awareness like Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. And they are still relatively insignificant in total compared to print sales. But if you see any variance off of a straight average, it would be because of the built in interest that those franchises have with all readers – both physical and digital.



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