Retailers Talk Before Watchmen

This summer, retailers will be ordering X-Men Vs Avengers and Before Watchmen simultaneously. Marvel are introducing discounts to those who order large numbers of the central comics. It is likely, but not definite, that DC will run some programme to encourage retailers to order sizeable amounts too, though likely more around returnability. But faced with the new of eight Before Watchmen titles to order, what are they thinking?

I’m excited, with the creative teams involved, how can one not be!? At the end of the day if this brings even more people to the masterpiece that is Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen, well it’ll be a winner in my book!

Ralph Mathieu
Alternate Reality Comics
Las Vegas, NV

I was concerned about the phrase “released weekly”. I have no idea how we order something like this in the first place. I have less idea how we order it for WEEKLY shipping.

Brian Hibbs
Comix Experience
San Francisco, CA

I think in the end this will turn out badly for DC, but we’ll see.

Peter Casazza
Big Planet Comics
College Park, MD

I love DC. I love money. I approve this comic.

Ryan Higgins
Comics Conspiracy
Sunnyvale, CA

As much as my inner fanboy wants to hate this and cry out in the name of Moore, how dare you! I can’t. How can you not love the creative teams involved? Yes, it was Moore and Gibbons’ story, as much as Batman was Bill Finger and Bob Kane’s.

Gary Buechler
The Comic Outpost
San Francisco, CA

I’m looking forward to it, it’s going to drive people into stores and once they’re here we can hopefully get them hooked on other great comics!

Chris Proulx
Double Midnight Comics
Manchester, NH

artistic integrity aside, whatever brings asses into the store is fine by me, I will want to go heavy, but DC needs to put it’s money where its mouth is with variants, deep discounts AND return-ability on this, it is easy for them to go out on the “who cares what Alan Moore has to say” limb, but if the “in store” fans backlash, is like the “online fans” backlash, this could be a “Marvel New Universe” turkey waiting to happen.

But as for artistic integrity, I find it very hard to accept, but for the fact that, V for Vendetta is a fine movie that Alan himself has finally come around to begrudgingly accept, for its social motivation of occupy movements. I doubt WB would be selling as many Guy Fawkes masks if the source material was JUST the graphic novel. For me, I feel the Watchmen movie was done as perfectly as it could have ever done and opened the door for new generation to find the graphic novels. I love Alan’s work, but sometimes he doth protest too much.

Wonder World
Taylor, MI

Great creative teams, interesting characters – what’s not to like. If DC handles the marketing well, this will be a gold mine.

The Alan Moore sourpuss act was old years ago. No use of his creations will please him. If DC is damned if it do, and damned if it don’t, I say, “do do do!”

Joel Pollack
Bethesda, MD
Washington, DC

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