Thursday Semi-Rushes – Kanye West Vs. The Jetsons, HBO Vs. Netflix, Gwen Stacy Vs. The Conspicuous Extra

Just a little Rushes, some things I had in the system in short form.

HBO will no longer sell their discs to Netflix at the standard, cheap-trade rate. They’re wanting folks to use their HBO Go service instead, of course. [CNET]

Here are two more images from The Amazing Spider-Man. [CBM]

The Gwen Stacy one looks suspiciously like an old set picture to me, just cropped a little. The extra in the top left corner is rather too conspicuous at any rate.

Jim Korkis has done a potted history of the various John Carter films we never got. [Mouse Planet]

Here’s a TV spot for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Franka Potente, Tessa Thompson and Tom Weston-Jones have been cast in BBC America’s first original drama commission, the period drama Copper. Weston Jones has the title role, Thompson will play his wife and Potente is to be “the cunning and cutthroat Eva who runs a brothel and has a layered relationship with the cop.” [Deadline]

ET Canada went on the set of The Woman in Black and got a tour from Daniel Radcliffe.

Gwyneth Paltrow is selling a pseudoscientific “cleanse” at $425 a pop. I think she probably believes it works. Can somebody sit her next to Ben Goldacre at an awards dinner or something? [Goop]

Emmanuel and the Truth About Fishes might have an awful title and a worrying plot blurb (teenager babysits the doll that her oddball neighbour treats as a child, finds herself) but it has a great cast – Jimmi Simpson, Aneurin Barnard, Frances O’Connor and Alfred Molina have all now signed on. Kaya Scodelario and Jessica Biel were already in the frame as the leads. [Variety]

Matt Damon won’t now direct the film he was going to make his debut on, but he’s likely to still act in it. Double standards. The script was written by Damon and John Krasinski, with story work by Dave Eggers, and is rumoured to be not quite up to snuff. [Vulture]

Kanye West is serving as some kind of creative consultant on the Jetsons movie. Producer Denise Di Novi says that there’s been a “fun brainstorming session” with West and the film makers and that he’s gone away “to think about it more and see if he [gets] inspired visually”. At the moment, it’s worth noting, there appears to be no actual director attached to the film. Paging Chris Milk? [MTV]

Here’s the poster for The Front Line, Korea’s official selection for the Oscars this year. [Film School Rejects]

Just a few stories. I do have literally dozens tagged, and I would have loved to share them, but the absolute floods of content I need to read daily can really clog up sometimes. There simply isn’t enough time for one human being to research, understand, read, write then format and publish this stuff, though I really, really want to. Rest assured that I’m always trying to find a better way to get the content onto the site. I’ll crack it eventually.

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