Comic Book Store Sales For Christmas And The New Year Begin! (UPDATE)


Warp Nine Comics of Clawson, Michigan are getting ahead of everyone by opening today with a sale.

Most others can wait until at least tomorrow.

Legend Comics of Omaha, Nebraska, are having Five Sales In Five Days

Monday: 50% off our back-stock of variant cover editions
Tuesday: 20% off all regular Marvel hardcovers
Wednesday: 20% off all Dungeons and Dragons gaming books
Thursday: 20% off all Marvel and DC Absolute and Omnibus editions
Friday: 50% off all Marvel Essential and DC Showcase trade paperbacks

Ricks Comic City in Nashville, Tennessee will be “cleaning out back issues bins for  a huge $1 sale through new years, plus select action figures will be reduced to $5 , for the guys and gals to come spend gift cards”

Orbital Comics in London are running a big sale across their comics selection, with 50% off all back issues.

Golden Apple in LA runs 30% OFF Everything (almost) until January 1st – All New & Old Comics, Graphic Novels, T-Shirts, Toys, Statues, etc. No coupon needed…just $$$

CheapGraphicNovels are doing 50% off Absolutes and Omnibi online at and in store at Pulp Fiction in Long Beach, California.

Arcadian Comics & Games or Newport, Kentucky are running a “Read a New Series in the New Year” sale. All issues #1 and #2’s will be $2, all Vol.1 and Vol.2’s will start at $12, but books over $18 will be a flat 25% off.  They will also launch their guaranteed good reads, with 100% return for store credit on select titlesm that runs all through January

Collectors Corner in Baltimore, Maryland, will be running a clearance sale from December 26th to January 1st (left)

Brave New World at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Willow Grove, Pennsylvania will have 20% off everything in the shop from 11am until 6pm on Sunday January 1st.

A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida is running a sale tomorrow. Owner Aaron writes “I’m giving all the employees the day off, so it’s Manager Madness!” And it appears he’s getting rather merry on his own. He writes;

 Marvel 1 Point Sale- 10 Marvel Books at 1.00:

Defenders #1

Marvel Point One

Incredible Hulk #1

Wolverine & the X-Men #2

Avengers X-Sanction #1

Fear Itself: Fearless #1 and #2

Fear Itself 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3

“All other Marvel comics $2.99 (even Fantastic Four #600)

“Plus, get any one DC item at 52% off!

“AND 1st Day of Kwanzaa Sale! 30% off all comics featuring a black character (Batwing, Static Shock, Black Panther, etc). Yes, Spawn, Teen Titans, and Red Hood and the Outlaws count!

“Also, whatever else I come up with as I drink the day away. I just want people to come by and keep me company. Drinking alone is a one way road to alcoholism, and I really don’t have time to go to those meetings.”

And Firefly Comics And Games of Australia will have 10% off comics, graphic novels, manga, dvds, games, toys and more, with free postage.


Illusive Comics & Games of Santa Clara, California is giving 50% off hundreds of Clearance Books through January 1st.

Buried Under Comics of Manchester, Connecticut are running “50% of everything on the store floor, except for leads, New Comics and Supplies until we close on New Year’s Eve.”


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