First Images [Redacted] And [Not The] Poster For Kristen Wiig’s Bridesmaids Follow Up, Imogene

I’d be in for the cast, which includes Kristen Wiig, Anette Bening and Matt Dillon, but I’m particularly keen to keep an eye on Imogene because of its directors – American Splendor and The Extra Man‘s Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini. In the film, Wiig’s character, Imogene, fakes a suicide attempt and ends up the custody of her mother, played by Bening.

It’s probably not the kind of film you can judge too well on a handful of stills and a poster, but here’s a handful of stills and a poster.



Anyway. What film can you judge well on a handful of still and a poster?

Look at the top of the poster where it says Matt Dillon. “And Matt Dillon as…”

I’ve blown the image to try and get a better look, but all we end up with is:

Similarly unhelpful is the IMDB page for the film, which has Dillon listed but, at the time of writing, no more information.

The first time I reported on the film I said:

[Screenwriter Michelle] Morgan’s only produced work to date is Middle of Nowhere, which was directed by John Stockwell and starred Eva Ammuri and Anton Yelchin and which I added to my Amazon basket just a few minutes ago, right before writing this story. Sorry for making you wait on me but this Morgan sounds like she might be a talent and I don’t want to be missing out.

And I’m still waiting for my copy of Middle of Nowhere to arrive.

(AP Photo/Mike McCarn)

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