The Fate Of Victor Von Doom

Earlier today, Nick Spencer tweeted that the Victor Von Doom mini-series written by him and drawn by Becky Cloonan had been cancelled. Nicknamed Teen Doom, it would have told the story of Doctor Doom’s early life and had been anticipated. That it was edited by Alejandro Arbona, recently made redundant by Marvel Comics, was seen by some as a possible reason.

UPDATE: There are two very adamant but contradictory sides to why this happened currently being expressed to me. All from people I trust. All from people who are very sure of their version – albeit it very guarded in what they’ll let me pass on.

As it stands, I’m no longer happy with the earlier version of this pieced that ran on Bleeding Cool today. It was well sourced from a number of people, had been run past involved people, but as a result of publication, a whole host of stuff dropped in my inbox. I’d like to apologise to anyone affected.

Either way, there will be no Victor Von Doom from Marvel next week. And, if the fallout so far is anything to go by, I don’t know if there ever will be.


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