Shia LaBeouf Says No To Transformers 4 But “Confirms” Indy 5

Hannah Shaw Williams writes for Bleeding Cool:

I know that many Bleeding Cool readers just can’t get enough of actor Shia LaBeouf, so here’s some quick updates for you to post on your fan blogs. He’s made a couple of statements in interviews recently, one saying that he won’t be appearing in any more Transformers films, and the other confirming that there’s another Indiana Jones flick in the works.

First, let’s talk about Indy. Call me a cynic, but I can’t get my hopes up when this is the phrasing that LaBeouf chose to relay the information in an interview with MTV:

[Harrison Ford] said he’s staying in the gym, he said he’s heard no word, but he does know that [George Lucas] is out there looking for a MacGuffin.

Alright, alright, I know that like a lot of adventure stories the plots of all the Indiana Jones films been driven by one MacGuffin or the other, so maybe it’s a step forward for George Lucas to be openly admitting it. Who knows, maybe the next film will be a postmodern masterpiece entitled Indiana Jones and the Arbitrary Plot Device. I’d watch it.

In another interview with MTV LaBeouf has also said that he won’t be returning for the another Transformers sequel.

I’m not coming back to do another one. I don’t think [Michael Bay] will either. It still is a hot property, I think, especially coming out of the third one. So I imagine they’ll reboot it at some point with someone else.

So there you have it, folks. There could be another Transformers film, but it doesn’t look like Michael Bay or Shia LaBeouf are going to be a part of it. Let me know if your tears overwhelm you and you need to borrow my hanky.

Actually I can’t talk with any kind of authority here since I haven’t seen any of the Transformers movies and I didn’t go to see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull either. That’s probably poor show for a film critic, but I’m extremely poor and hesitant to throw down £8 at the cinema even for films that I actually want to see. However I’m well aware that a lot of people disliked those films and probably with good reason.

I have fond memories of Shia from his early kids TV days and from his role in Holes, the adaptation of the Louis Sachar novel. I also find his name incredibly fun to say, and despite the copious amounts of hair gel he now uses to try and hide it, he possesses the potential for a fantastic white boy afro.

Therefore even taking taking into account all the terrible movies he has been in (I pick out his role as Chas in the dismal Hellblazer adaptation Constantine in particular, though I put that down to terrible miscasting by the producers), I still have a fondness for him as an actor and hope that his confirmation of another Indiana Jones sequel doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll be appearing in it.

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