Wednesday Runaround - Ring Of The Supermen

eBayWatch: A 1940’s Supermen Of America Ring on eBay for 99 cents? Really?

FCBDWatch: As part of Free Comic Book Day, Graphic.Ly will be giving away thirty free comics on their site, including a special new Mouse Guard issue.

MooreWatch: Alan Moore’s grand farewell to Dodgem Logic is happening in the Round Chapel in London’s East End tonight. I’ll be there, with a number of comics luminaries it seems. I even have a spare ticket if anyone needs one. Otherwise you can still buy tickets here, or pay at the door

LetterWatch: Scott McCloud’s lettering comics tutorial;

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This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Comic Book Fans on Facebook – May 3,2011 « Graphic Policy

For this second entry, I’ve done two things, expanded the universe examined and also grabbed the data to compare how comic book fans compare with the Facebook community as a whole.

‘Thor’ Star Chris Hemsworth on Leaked ‘Avengers’ Script: ‘It’s Not the Most Recent Version’ – Speakeasy – WSJ

No, I haven’t received any phone calls about it. My start date is still the same. I think it was a pretty old script, though. I got off the plane the other day and I found that out, but I know that script changed a lot, so it’s not the most recent version of it anyway.

Why the Rest of the World Is Seeing ‘Thor’ Before America – Hollywood Reporter

“The people who ask that question are fanboys who are mad because they want to see it first,” noted Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige at Monday’s U.S. Thor premiere. “I don’t blame them.”

Salt Lake’s superheroes patrol the city looking to fight crime – KSTU

The Black Monday Society is a group of men whose influence comes straight from the movie screen and comic book page. They are self-proclaimed crime fighters and good samaritans who patrol the city streets at night.

‘Constantine’ Director Hoping To Make ‘Hard-R, Scary’ Sequel

It would be great to figure out a sequel, and if we did, and we’ve been trying to figure one out, it would be great to do the really dark, scary [version],” said Lawrence. “We got caught in that weird PG-13 – R no man’s land, and we should do the hard-R scary version, which I would love to do.”

John My take on the new season of Doctor Who

Now that the two part premiere of Doctor Who season 6 has aired I have my theory of what it all means. If you haven’t seen these two episodes you should probably skip this post altogether as there are some spoilers present. If you have watched it feel free to read my speculation so that you can recall it with awe once these truths are revealed as the show progresses or so that you can ridicule me for my stupid theories that were way off the mark.

Sneak Peek: Captain America #1 | Captain America | Comic News | News |

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at the blockbuster CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 from the creative team of Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven.

SOE attack: “make good” plan includes free DCUO Batman mask — PlayStation Universe

Sony Online Entertainment is offering the DC Universe Online community a free Batman inspired mask as part of its “make good” plan after an apparent attack on the system and the nearly two weeks without service to the PlayStation Network. All impacted players will receive both the Batman mask (pictured below) along with 30 days subscription credit plus one day for each day the service is unavailable.

What Is Darwyn Cooke’s Mystery DC Project?

“People really are desperate to categorize any sort of entertainment medium. For example, at DC I can’t get any work other than retro Silver Age takeoff work, because “New Frontier” was successful, so that’s what I do.”

Spider-Man Slings About the Set | Splash

We’ve got more from the set of Spider-Man 3 filming on set in New York City.

Marc Guggenheim Says After Public Enemies, Arrow Will Never Be The Same

Details For The Guido Crepax Fantagraphics Library In Full

A Speed Runner Has Already Set A Record Time In Bloodborne


Titan To Publish Nikopol Trilogy, Skydoll And More European Classics

How Fast Did New X-Men #115 Disappear Off eBay?


You Could Look Like Anyone - Recapping Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D 2.14: "Love In The Time Of Hydra"


The Best Selling Comic Of 2015 Gets A Title - Asterix And The Missing Scroll


Exclusive Extended Previews For Uncanny: Season 2, Project Superpowers Blackcross And More

2000 AD Prog 1924 1

Jump On Board With This Week's 2000AD


Swipe File: Me And The Daily Telegraph