The following is full of potential spoilers for the still-to-be-shot third Batmovie, and if it’s true, will represent a far earlier leak of plot details than ever happened with Batmovie II. Bloody internet, eh?

So, read on with all due caution. I know you can be quite… careful about spoilers.

Now then. According to Devin Faraci at Badass Digest, citing “a good source near the Batcamp”, ol’ rubber ears isn’t going to be getting too much grief from Catwoman during this particular silver screen outing. “By the end of the story Catwoman isn’t a villain,” he says, “but rather an ally of Batman.”

Okay. So… an ally against who exactly?

The League of Shadows… Headed by Talia Al’Ghul. With Bane, who is her muscle/possible love interest. And with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in tow. Is he playing Black Mask? My source didn’t know, but did know that Levitt is certainly an antagonist and involved with the League of Shadows.

I suppose Gordon-Levitt could be playing any of a number of characters. I also suppose that Faraci might be receiving misinformation. Or somebody might just have gotten something wrong by mistake. It happens. Let’s buy into it for now, though. It’s the best information we’ve got.

UPDATE: I thought the only spoiler here was that Catwoman would pal up with Batman. Let’s be honest – the trailers, posters and everything else will be wall-to-wall League reveal.

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