Crazy Rumour: Next Bond Film To Be Called Red Sky At Night And Feature Winter Sports

While repeating a recurring rumour that Rachel Weisz will be in the next James Bond picture, The Sun have also let slip a rumoured title for the production: Red Sky at Night. How does that sound? Utterly made up?

I’m sceptical, of course, because this is information from The Sun, and they have a history of being wrong* – but I thought I’d run it past a Bond-head friend of mine to see if there was any Ian Fleming association, or some other subtle indication that the title might be true…

…and he pointed me towards an internet messageboard.

Okay, I know. Online forums are probably not any more sound a source than a British tabloid, but there was some sort of corroboration here. Looking at ajb007, I read the following:

Hi, new here guys, nice to find such a cool site. Im close friends with an art director in the film industry, i wont mention his name but he has worked closely with production designer Michael Carlin and is about to start work in Canada on Kal-El, the next Superman movie. He was busy in 2010 on Bond 23 before it went into hiatus. He told me that the movie for a while had the code name Red Shadow, but when official documentation and the script arrived it contained the title Red Sky At Night and as such was reffered to as this by Sam Mendes, Michael Carlin and the producers and the studio etc. I think its a pretty cool title myself though out of the two Red Shadow is better i think though Red Sky At Night has a classic Bond Movie ring to it. he also said that filming would have been done in Ontario, Canada and there was a large stunt involving the Ontario Tower as well as a huge hockey game and skiing/winter sports sequences. What do you guys think?

Now, that’s very interesting, if dubious sounding. However, if it does happen now that the film gets the handle Red Sky at Night, I guess we can start to look forward to skiing, winter sports, hockey and an Ontario Tower-based stunt in the movie somewhere.

*Some might say they just make it all up.

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