New Muppet Movie Brings Back “Mahna Mahna” With Mila Kunis – Set Pics Included

One jammy Little Bleeder “Dustin” was down on Hollywood Boulevard during the filming of The Muppets this week. They had their camera to hand, so they took a few shots… and in the process destroyed any illusion that these are walking, talking, sentient beings in their own right.*

Our Little Bleeder’s account of what was filmed actually contains some PRETTY BIG SPOILERS as the scenes being shot come from the end of the movie.

I’ve tried to put the relevant picture (all of which are exclusive to us) after each piece of eyewitness reportage.

Chris Cooper was yelling about how he owned the theatre and perhaps even the name “Muppets”. It felt like a classic villain scene.

He was definitely yelling abut something being “illegal”. The end of the scene is the Muppets making him laugh and I assume become begrudgingly friendly”.

You can see some of the “street” versions of the Muppets. Dunno what it was all about but most of the Muppets had a doppleganger that was dressed in that sort of “gangsta” style.

Here’s Jason Segel (in blue blazer) Mila Kunis (white top with blue dress) and the director [James Bobin] (in beige coat). You can also see some sort of weird dragon Muppet [just above crew member in cap with hand to face].

This was just after Mila Kunis filmed a “Mahna Mahna” bit, which I sadly didn’t get a photo of. Mila was clearly having a good time on set – she even kissed Kermit!**

The chicken picture was second unit stuff that they were shooting at the same time as the shots in front of the theatre. They also did the same sort of thing with penguins.
The best thing I took away from watching was that it was evident that Jason Segel was really into this film – once there, he was constantly watching the monitors and just had a vibe of excitement to be there – meaning the film was in good hands. Hopefully his love of the Muppets translates into a great film. It’s been too long since we’ve had a good Muppet movie.

We’re so grateful to this Little Bleeder for their contribution. I can’t really stress how much of a Kermit fan I am, and I’m genuinely very excited to see this film coming together. Segel, I owe you a pint.

Note: in the chicken pic are some placards being held by the crowd of Muppet fan extras. One reads “We feel weaker near Beaker”. Brilliant.

Stay tuned for more Muppet updates as we go.

*Actually, I still believe. I really do.

**Who wouldn’t?

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